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Weapon Mods

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BattleField 4 Knifes

by Troph1hunter

Remington 870 Buttstock Cut

by JuanLi

Barrett M82 - 50 Cal

by edsir98

Luger P08 Original & Silver Version

by coltmaster1911

Wesker Samurai Edge

by wapeddell

[PUSH] AK-47 Sopmod

by Push

Merry Christmas RELOADED

by Quechus9

BF3 Gun Sounds & Icons

by east5547

Assassin's Creed 3 Flintlock

by Victim_Crasher

Battlefield 4 ACRW

by hl2poo

Silenced Weapon Sound Mod

by Gta4gaaamer

Barrett M107 retexture

by someguyfromlc

New AK 47 skin

by Kadu

Homefront - Beretta M9

by RoosterArmament

Dragunov SVU

by Pedrofire21


by edsir98

Barrett M107

by cjisntgay

[PUSH]HK USP 45 with Working Flashlight UPDATED V1.5

by Push

MK23 SOCOM with silencer and retexture

by coltmaster1911

Battlefield AEK-971 V2

by Raven971

GTA V Shotgun Pack with Flashlight

by Victim_Crasher

Special Operations Weapon Pack

by edsir98

Battlefield 4 MP7

by hl2poo

AK-47 vulcan skin

by hsndll1

BF4 [Open Beta] Survival Knife

by chinweiren213

M9 Sound Mod


6-shot Grenade Launcher (full auto)

by noentiendero


by chinweiren213

Updated BF3 Gun Sounds Pt.2

by east5547

Blue Light For Molotov Explosion

by Mr.geoGZ

Riot Shotgun (FNV)

by 9SYcH0

BattleField 4 RPG-7

by Troph1hunter

RE6 Bear Commander (Assault Rifle)

by A Chinesegtaer

RE4 Primary Handgun of Leon Scott Kennedy

by A Chinesegtaer

Realistic Weapon SFX V2

by skelldoom87


by [0x80075af]

Realistic weapons and settings

by LSP

GTA 4 Indonesian Flag

by snakekoolz


by Lock.n.Load

Battlefield Hardline .38 Snub Nose

by JuanLi

HK-416 PDW

by chinweiren213

BattleField Hardline Uzi

by Troph1hunter

Assassin's Creed III Tomahawk

by Quechus13

Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - v2.0

by falcont2t

Yamato (Vergil's Sword)

by emad-tvk

Battlefield 4 Weapon Sounds Mod

by Clawsie145

Sig Sauer P226

by HyperZ

Battlefield 4 L96 UPDATE March 14

by hl2poo

New HD Icons For new hud GTA 5 style for gta 4

by bobops2


by Victim_Crasher

Weapons Sound Remake for GTA IV & EFLC

by coffecup aka RushyRussian