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XLiveLess 0.97b

by listener



Added:2009-04-01 21:12:29 -0700

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Download Link:xliveless0.97b.rar


<b>This version of XLiveLess is made for GTA IV v1.0.4.0!</b> Main features: <ul><li>complete replacement of the xlive.dll (original dll isn't required)</li><li>all online functions are disabled (to prevent cheating in multiplayer)</li><li>removed all anti-debugger checks</li><li>all game variables are made unprotected and can be accessed and changed by the trainers, control centers and other tools</li><li>in-built asi-loader (no need to replace original files)</li> <li>asi-loader searches for .asi files in the root game folder and .asi and .dll in the 'plugins' folder</li><li>removed savefile check (you can load save file made by any offline XLive user)</li><li>removed files.txt check (integrated replacement of FileCheckFix and MagicPatch)</li><li>restored access to the system debugger in the critical error menu (removed loading of WER.dll)</li><li>enabled write access to memory in code and .rdata segments (no need to call VirtualProtect from a .asi)</li><li>disabled RGSC</li><li>moved 'savegames' folder.</li></ul>