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Wonderfull ENB Best Fps ((Mix setting from all enb!)) SEE IT

by mostafadanger


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2015-06-26 15:03:11 -0700

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*In the name of God* **THIS ENB is ONLY TESTed ON GTA IV** more information for test into is in readme.txt ------------------------------ HELLO ALL. i needed a place to add this my work to it and now find it!) see my pics and tell me ur point from this ENB (ENB+TEXTURE(BLOOD-BULT-WINDOWS BREAK AND etc..) ----------------------------------------------- Wonderful point!!:::: I have a low pc and by this enb give 20 fps it best for me i belive this enb be amazing on medium PC!!! ----------------------------------------------- i only change some setting in enb and select best mod to have a cute gta iv. My mods is like PRO REAL! but it is for best FPS. IF anyone want a cute gtaiv like my pics CONTACT my me. ----------------------------------------------- good bye)