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Vice City High Definition Radar

by Cachibache

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2010-06-09 21:08:13 -0700

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== Vice City High Definition Radar == by Cachibache It replaces your old radar textures for new ones, in high definition. Works in Single Player And Multi-Player Modifications Check readme.txt for details In order to install these you will need: -Txd Workshop, or another txd texture editor -The Textures 1) Do a backup of the file gta3.img, that u are about to mod. This is in case your file gets damaged or corrupted, Without a backup, if your files gets corrupted, you will need to re-install GTA Vice City. 2) Make sure gta3.img aren't marked as "read-only". 3) Open the gta3.img with the txd editor. 4) Find the radarxx.txd textures at the start of the file. 5) By right clicking on the texture name, replace every texture for the new ones, making sure every texture its saved. © Cachibache 9/6/2010 6) Done...!