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VC SiN Box 3.0

by masked_marauder

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2011-01-22 00:43:37 -0800

Replaces:1.0 2.0

Historic Rating:9/10

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Mod Title: Vice City SiN Box Version: 3.0 Type: Conversion Game: Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Author: Masked Marauder Note: This mod contains 3D simulated naked female body parts. If you have never seen parts like these before in real life, handled them, or if you think that they are "yucky" then you should probably not install this mod. About: VC SiN Box Version 3.0 contains 3 character models: 1 of Jessica Cannon and 2 of Elexis Sinclaire from the game series SiN Episodes. Jessica is set up as 'wfyst' (white female young street). One of the Elexis models features her in that trademark tiny read bikini and is set up as 'wfybe' (white female young beach) and the other is a nude version of her set up as 'Stripa' (stripper "a") at the Pole Position Club. Version 3.0 Update: - Added a nude model of Elexis with some different textures. The pink boots aren't mapped the greatest, but texture mapping is not one of my favorite aspects of 3D modeling. Most of you probably would not have even noticed if I had not said anything anyway. - Nude Elexis is, without a doubt, one of the best models that I have worked on thus far and is one of my favorites; aside from the fact that she is mostly nekid. The textures, mesh, rigging, and animations all seem to look very good - in my opinion. She also seems to hold the record for most screen shots taken for some reason. Version 2.0 Update: - Both models have been redone from square one. Elexis was "enhanced" quit a bit in certain places for version 1 but for version 2 both models have remained as close to the originals as possible. Policy now is to not modify any converted models as much as I have in the past, except that hardly any of them ever have curvy enough waists and hips - in my opinion at least. - Both models have had their arms adjusted properly so that they do not stick out from their sides like they did in version 1. It was one of those simple fixes that was too simple to be seen at first, or something to that effect. - Both models originally had kind of crazy fingers that were spread apart and Elexis' fingers were almost ridiculously long. Much time was spent in aligning, rotating, and shortening all of the fingers so that they worked and looked much better for the single finger bones used for Vice City models. - Elexis now has her trademark sinister green eyes, courtesy of an organ donation by Lara Croft. I am thinking that transplanting eyeballs and getting them to fit properly in the eye sockets must be easier in real life than attempting to do so with a 3D model. - Elexis' bikini bottom is now much cleaner than in version 1. I made use of an alpha transparency this time instead of trying to pick apart all of the unwanted faces. There is still a slight bit of clipping, but not much. Just be glad that I was not too lazy to just leave it as it was, with that nasty after-market censored material. - There are some different, hopefully better, textures for the model of Elexis. - Elexis' lips were parted slightly (the ones above her chin, perv) just to show her teeth a little since I have opted to leave them with the model, and just to make her subtly different than everyone else. Installation: Use IMG Tool or an equivalent application to extract backup copies of the files that you will replace. Then replace the files in your (default location) "*|Prgram Files|Rockstar Games|Grand Theft Auto Vice City|models|gta3.img" archive with the files from this mod. Both are multiple texture models so in order to use either character as a player model the file names would have to be changed to the names of a clothing pickup. Use the mod "VC Custom Female Player Animations" to give your player model more feminine movement. Bugs: When Elexis is holding a rocket launcher it sticks out of her shoulder instead of being above it. I tried to make adjustments but the only thing that seemed to help was shortening her upper and lower arms, and that just made them look too short and silly. Perhaps it will be corrected for the next version of SiN Box. In the works for Version 4.0: Started working on a model of Elexis in her business suit (birthday suit is done). This is going to take a lot more work and I am not sure if it will ever come about. Contact: [email protected]