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VC Lara Croft Box II 1.91

by masked_marauder

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2011-02-23 21:35:54 -0800

Replaces:1.0, 1.9

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:5,086

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Mod Title: Vice City Lara Croft Box II Version 1.91 Author: Masked Marauder Game: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Installation: Manual About: A second part to the VC Lara Croft Box. Box II contains one model of Lara in her classic gear and one model of Amanda Evert. Both are set to replace 'wfyst' (white female young street). Even though I am now more resigned to leaving these converted models as close to the originals as possible, I could not help making a few adjustments to Lara's face. I pursed her lips just a little and raised her eyebrows in the right places just a bit to sort of eliminate that pissed off glaring expression that she had. Update 1.91: Fixed the texture mess that I made in her shorts, which hardly anyone would have noticed, but I just had to redo it once I discovered it. Then I found a hole in her knee from a botched vertex group and corrected that also. Unfortunately this means that I have not even started on the things that I intended to fix, I spotted these glitches right after I uploaded 1.9. Installation: Use IMG Tool or a similar application to replace the files in your gta3.img archive with the ones from this mod. Change the names of the files to those of a clothing pickup if you wish to use either character as a player model, and try the mod "VC Custom Female Player Animations". Change the file names to those of different peds if you wish to use more than one at a time. Bugs: Lara has some clipping in her shorts around her Lara Croft "box" (pun I think) and around her shoulders. The model has more faces beneath the clothing which makes it fiendishly difficult to rig to Vice City. I will try some different things to eliminate the clipping but not right away because I need to take a break from this one; it was a pain in the... box. The alpha transparencies for Amanda are the best that I could come up with considering that her her is practically white. They are not bad, but from certain angles they may look a little screwy. Future Additions: Besides fixing up the classic Lara model for Version 2, there may be one more conversion but that will be all unless I receive some specific requests. I do not want to over do it with these models, even though there are lots more that could be done, and end up with Lara Croft's Box all over the place. contact: [email protected] Special "Thank You" to those who take the time to vote.