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VC Lara Croft Box 2.5

by masked_marauder

A GTA Vice City Mod

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Added:2011-01-19 21:41:47 -0800

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Type: Conversion Installation: Manual Author: Masked Marauder Date: February 18, 2011 About: VC Lara Croft Box contains the three mods that I had previously uploaded separately. Included in this box are models of Lara in her standard jungle shorts gear and in a bikini, plus three additional bikini textures to choose from. Standard Lara is set to replace 'wfyst' (white female young street) and bikini Lara is set to replace 'wfybe' (white female young beach) which means that both models can be used at the same time. The default bikini texture is the black and white one. Both models have been redone for version 2.5. Improvements that have been made are as follows: Standard Model (Jungle Shorts) - She now has all of the trademark default gear for the standard "Jungle Shorts" version of Lara Croft that most people are accustomed to seeing her with. She now has her backpack, both handguns, and her shoulder light. These accessories were removed from version 1 just to make it easier on myself, and my editing software, but eventually I felt compelled to restore them - which was the underlying motivation to make version 2.5. - Her clothing has remained unaltered. In version 1 of this model her t-shirt and shorts were edited to be much skimpier but not in version 2.5. - Her body and figure have been left unaltered. She was "enhanced" in certain places for version 1, but not for version 2.5 - Her fingers now bend and flex properly. - Her eyebrows are now a separate part of the mesh with a separate texture now that I finally got the alpha transparencies to look right. In version 1 they were just textured as part of her face. - She has been re-rigged and bones have been adjusted and reassigned. She now animates and moves with hardly any unsightly distortion in the mesh that I have noticed. Her shoulders may seem slightly too narrow but I really do not want to risk messing with it anymore. - Extra texture maps that I always meant to try and make use of somehow but could never get to work properly have been removed from the TXD file. This standard model of Lara will most likely be the final one. Any further improvements will not be significant enough to warrant another official update. Bikini Model - Re-rigged with better vertice grouping for better movement without much abnormal distortion in the mesh. - Unused texture maps have been removed from the TXD files. - Fixed her fingers so that they are positioned better and flex properly. The bikini model is not final yet because I have not quite finished cleaning up the mesh, which is why this box is version 2.5. I wanted to get this model redone and uploaded quickly with the smaller TXD file for it to reduce the size of the mod archive. I plan to "enhance" the bikini model again much like version 1, since I kept the standard model as original as possible, but I wish to take my time in doing so in order for it to turn out the best that I can make it. The TXD files for the 3 extra bikini textures have also been downsized. Installation: Use IMG Tool or a similar application to extract backup copies from the archive file (default location) "*|Program Files|Rockstar Games|Grand Theft Auto Vice City|models|gta3.img" of the files that are to be replaced. Then replace the files in the archive with the ones included with this mod. The models each use multiple texture files so in order to use either of them as a player model the file names would have to be changed to those of a player clothing pickup. Use the mod "VC Custom Female Player Animations" to give your Lara player model more feminine movement.