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VC Evil Box 1.0

by masked_marauder

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2011-02-15 12:44:45 -0800

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Version: 1.0 Note: This mod contains the same character model from the previous mod "Jill Valentine HD 1.3 Manual". Type: Conversion About: This mod contains nude female computer generated images. If such images give you an uncomfortable feeling in certain places then do not use it. Vice City Evil Box 1.0 contains 4 manual install models from the Capcom Resident Evil game series converted to Vice City. 3 of the models are of Jill Valentine and one of Sheva Alomar. The 3 Jill models are set to replace 'wfyst' (white female young street). The model of Jill in her black & blue battle suit has a semi-transparent texture and is semi-nude. The Sheva model is fully nude and is set to replace 'stripb' (stripper b - the one in pink). If you wish to use more than 1 model of Jill at a time then you will have to change the file names to those of different pedestrian IDs. All 4 models use multiple textures so if you wish to use any of them as a player model then you will have to change the file names to those used for a clothing pickup. If any of them are to be used as a player model, then I recommend also using the mod "VC Custom Female Player Animations" as well. Installation: Extract backup copies of any files that you will replace. Use IMG Tool or an equivalent to replace the files in your (default location) "|*Program Files|Rockstar Games|Grand Theft Auto Vice City|models|gta3.img" archive with the files from this mod. Bugs: I had to map all of the Sheva textures from scratch and have not quite finished everything yet, particularly her facial area. Her eyelashes are a funky color and there is some ugly distortion in her arms/shoulders when she has her hands above her head, but they have come a long way already from when I started them. These things and other things will be fixed for a future version. Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of the characters included in this mod. I have converted and rigged them to work with Vice City and reworked the meshes.