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Usable Gang 6

by Unknown Modder

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2014-02-15 16:04:56 -0800

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============================ Italian Mafia are now usable ============================ ITALIAN MAFIA are now located in LAS VENTURAS, Exclude The Four Dragons Casino, The Strip and Emerald Isle. Because the Triads are actually lived There as a Territory. I add them, but my mod is actually look like a DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT or a DLC to me. ==================== ITALIAN MAFIA TURFS: ==================== Come-A-Lot - Taking over the Sindacoo's Turf. Whitewood Estates - Taking over the Sindacoo's Turf. Royal Casino - Taking over the Sindacoo's Turf. Old Venturas Strip - Taking over the Sindacoo's Turf. Caligula's Palace - The Salvatore Leone famillies owned this casino Prickle Pine - Their Neighborhood =========================== MOUNTAIN CLOUD TRIADS TURFS =========================== The Four Dragons Casino - Woozie owned this casino for the Triads The Strip - Near their Casino, having a good time in LV Emerald Isle - Near to Italian Mafia Territory, having a gang war between the 2 of them ============ Installation ============ Download CLEO 4, It needs to be work this mod. Put my Content into your CLEO Folder. and No need to Start a New Game. MADE IN PHILS By the Unknown Modder