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Upgraded Gas Station

by Carrythxd


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Added:2011-04-04 09:13:06 -0700


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Upgraded Gas Station ____________________________ Well, I really don't know what you can do with this but this is a gas station in Alqonguin near Maisonette. Just some upgrades to the station: Parking Places, Car Fixing Place etc. Sorry I forgot that location pic, it comes tomorrow =( But if you have TBoGT you have to know where Maisonette is, right? So you go to Maisonette, then you drive that road until you see a gas station, that is this gas station :) ____________________________ How To Install: 1. Go to C://Program Files (x86)/RockStar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV (Or EFLC) 2. Copy/drag my objects.ini file to C://Program Files (x86)/RockStar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV 3. Start Grand Theft Auto IV 4. Open Trainer (F4) 5. Go to Alqonguin (Check the location pic) 6. Enjoy