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Upgraded Gas Station 2

by Carrythxd


Category:Map Mods

Added:2011-04-06 07:31:24 -0700


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Well, I really don't know what you can do with this but this is a gas station in Alqonguin. Just some new things in it like Car Fixing Area, Parking Places, etc. The gas station have almoust 70 objects so you can use it in MultiPlayer and your friends see it :) Yes there is a hint on the video how to get to the roof of that building right next to this, please watch it to know how to. ____________________________ How To Install: 1. Go to C://Program Files (x86)/RockStar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV (Or EFLC) 2. Copy/drag my objects.ini file to C://Program Files (x86)/RockStar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV 3. Start Grand Theft Auto IV 4. Open Trainer (F4) 5. Go to Alqonguin (Check the location pic) 6. Enjoy