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Umbrella Mod

by mfrizki99


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-12-17 18:30:05 -0800


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Description: Niko open an umbrella when the rain comes. He detects the weather, and detects whether there is a roof. If you want to open an umbrella,press open key manually. Requirements: asi loader Aru's C++ Script Hook v0.50 HazardX's .net scripthook v1.6.1.2 BETA Keys: * no requirement to press keys usually.(when the rain comes,Niko will open umbrella automatically.) U - open/close umbrella Config: UMBRELLA_KEY(A-Z,Numpad0-Numpad9 etc.) - U is default key UMBRELLA_MODEL(1-17) - 1 Black umbrella - 2 Yellow/White umbrella - 3 Blue umbrella - 4-17 is for random model slot RANDOM_MODEL(false or true) - Niko pick up stuff at random.(it's joke function :) Notice: -Niko opens umbrella when he has not any weapon/mobile phone. -When Niko has an ambrella,his running form is a little bit strange(please don't care :)) -Some animation is not perfect(example:drink soda). -Niko thinks some buildings has not roof.He does not close umbrella(example:bike shop).If you want to close umbrella,then press U key. Version History: 1.1 - compatible for new .net scripthook Thanks To : endosan