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Tutorial: Convert Player Model To Ped Model

by metalwars



Added:2012-04-26 13:40:45 -0700

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Simple Basic Tutorial Convert Player Model To Ped Model Thanks to ac.amir for the model mod in my tutorial videos. What you need: - Your favorite char model - Autodesk 3Ds max software - Gims - OpenIV Gims Link: OpenIV Link: Tutorial: Convert Player Model To Ped Model: Tutorial: Convert Ped Model To Player Model: Sometimes there are models get different results after the convert. But surely you will find a way to fix it. My tutorial videos for basic not pro rigging. Wait until ac.amir to make rigging video. If you get problem or any questions, you can comment here or email me at [email protected] Good Luck... Please click "DOWNLOAD" if you wanna see my all ped mod from other author. If the author was not pleased, I will remove them. If I have more time, I can help you to convert the player and upload them. Always check my gallery. I can work for order, you can comment here for convert request Thank you...