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Transformers mod

by insecure177

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2010-03-13 02:24:58 -0800


Historic Rating:8/10

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Download Link:transformersmod.rar


This mod is So cool this mod is not mine just sharing but you cant transform... but your enemys will chase you there every where but i added a godmode so you wont get hurt Watch a video of people Playing this mod! here: OR HERE controling your robot here is hard ill give u some tips: to jump press Ctrl for dash hold sprint key then move to shoot a rocket hold sprint key then press Horn To get your Robot Hold sprint key and Tab Read the Readme2nd for more control Note:if it didint work go to options then go to Controller setup then restore default and if your game crashes maybe you didint add the wap.ifp or wap1.txd wap1.dff or e_wap1.txd and e_wap1.dff ADD THEM