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Topless Twins

by Xegethra

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2013-01-22 05:21:26 -0800

Replaces:Stripa.txd file

Historic Rating:10/10

Historic Downloads:3,843

File Size:1.25 MB

Download Link:1358860886_topless_twins_by_xegethra.rar


A simple skin replacement I made a little while a go. It replaces the tape the strippers wear with a more "realistic" look you'd expect to find in a strip club. It's a new skin for the two twin girls you find in the Malibu Club and Pole Position Club. You will need to get IMG Tool and replace the Stripa.txd with my version. Make a back up of the original file or of the gta3.img archive so you can replace mine with the original if anything goes wrong. To locate the Stripa.txd file, open up IMG Tool, use file, open and then navigate to where you had installed Vice City where ever this may be on your computer...Then find the models folder. Inside there should be the gta3.img file you will need to open with IMG Tool. Once you have opened it you can replace the Stripa.txd with mine. Be sure to rebuild the archive once any files have been changed. Made by me, Xegethra. This is my mod, you are not permitted to upload and host my mod elsewhere. Thank you for taking the time to look at my mod!! If you download my mod and have a YouTube account and do gameplay videos, you are welcome to showcase the mod. Likewise, if you do playthroughs and have my mod installed, feel free to link people to the mod hosted here.