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This Is Your Destiny Off-Road Track 2

by Carrythxd


Category:Map Mods

Added:2010-09-29 09:17:30 -0700


Historic Rating:6/10

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Download Link:1285777050_this_is_your_destiny_off_road_track2.rar

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This track have 238 objects and I recommed to use it only in Single Player (SP). If you use this on MP your friends can only see 70 objects, so you can't race with your friends. Also if your friend or some random people try to join to that server where you have loaded this that guy can't come. It's pretty easily fixed, just delete this and he can come to that server :D You need SUV, Pick-Up or some that like car to complete this track. (It maybe can be compeleted on normal car, but I haven't tryed.) Location is in Bohan. Hopefully you enjoy driving on this track :D