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The Majestic Robbery

by GysCo


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Added:2015-06-24 19:03:11 -0700

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This is my first script so be kind ;) ... if you find any bugs please let me know. 1. IMPORTANT INFO & REQUIREMENTS ======================== This script was made and tested on GTA IV patch with scripthookdotnet_v1.7.1.7b You are able to change the action-key (default: E) and the amount of money (default: 100000) in the MajesticRobbery.ini-file. 2. INSTALLATION ======================== Download and install scripthookdotnet_v1.7.1.7b from the link given below: Copy and MajesticRobbery.ini to YOUR GTA IV FOLDERscripts folder. 3. GAMEPLAY ======================== This script gives you the ability to rob the Majestic hotel penthouse... An icon (a $-sign) marks the hotel on the map. It's written so you have a random beginning when you enter the penthouse. Resistance will depend on the script and how you play the script. The wanted-level you get will also depend on you, you might get 3 or you might get 4 or rarely even 5 stars. Rob the place, get out alive and lose the cops... 4. STORY ======================== Niko found out a mob boss is staying at the Majestic and always keeps a lot of cash in the penthouse. Will he rob the place? And if so, will he get out alive? 5. KNOWN BUGS ======================== I don't know why this happens but sometimes after installing, the player ped might be invisible. Just quitting and restarting the game should fix that. 6. HISTORY, CREDITS & THANKS ======================== I wrote this script from scratch. It started as a very simple add-blips-script and quickly grew into an unlock- and then robbery-script. Eventually it became a robbery script with dynamic starts and resistance. Credits of this script go to me :p :D but a special thanks to HazardX for his work on scripthookdotnet and a thanks to all script-modders who put tutorials out there... Thanks guys ;) 7. NOTICE ======================== This mod will only be released on You are NOT allowed to redistribute this mod under any circumstance. Enjoy... ======================== UPDATE LOG: ======================== Version Original Version Fixed bugs: Invisible mob peds in lobby fixed. Actionkey no longer has text displayed. Dead mob peds in lobby glitch fixed.