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The Lost Snitch

by GysCo


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Added:2015-06-29 16:31:14 -0700

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This is my second script. I hope you enjoy it. If you find any bugs please post them here... ======================== 1. IMPORTANT INFO & REQUIREMENTS ======================== This script was made and tested on GTA IV patch with scripthookdotnet_v1.7.1.7b You are able to change the amount of money (default: 50000) in the LostSnitch.ini-file. One of The Lost MC peds upper-body-texture I found to be al little too low-res so I made a better (more hi-res) version of it. It is included, so is the original so no need to make a backup of it. I made a little something to enjoy included in a .rar-file which will only be accessible if you complete the mission :p ;). Afterwards you can change the .ini-file ;) The important file sizes are: : 19,5kB LostSnitch.ini : 1kB ======================== 2. INSTALLATION ======================== Download and install scripthookdotnet_v1.7.1.7b from the link given below: Copy and LostSnitch.ini to -YOUR GTA IV FOLDER-scripts folder. Replace the ped-texture by using OpenIV and edit models-cdimages-componentpeds.img-ig_jason.wtd ======================== 3. GAMEPLAY ======================== This script is written so it feels like a "real GTA IV" mission. You will have to fulfill objectives to complete the mission. Die and the mission fails, get arrested and the mission fails... An icon (a $-sign) marks The Lost MC clubhouse on the map. Go to the TLMC clubhouse to start the mission. ======================== 4. STORY ======================== A former member of The Lost MC who turned federal informant plans to testify against fellow members of TLMC. TLMC hires Niko to take out the snitch but he won't have to do it alone, he'll get help of some TLMC members. ======================== 5. KNOWN BUGS ======================== None ======================== 6. HISTORY, CREDITS & THANKS ======================== I wrote this script from scratch. It was inspired by the TLMC jacket I made for Niko (which he wears all the time now :D ) This time I wanted the feel of a real GTA IV-like mission so it became as is... Credits of this script go to me :p :D but again a special thanks to HazardX for his work on scripthookdotnet and all script-modders who put tutorials out there... Thanks guys ;) ======================== 7. NOTICE ======================== This mod will only be released on You are NOT allowed to redistribute this mod under any circumstance. ======================== UPDATE LOG: ======================== Version Original Version No more key to press to start the mission. Simply go to the TLMC clubhouse marker. Better resistance - more accurate shooting Enjoy...