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The Ballad Of Straight Tony (Enhanced HUD, TimeCyc, Visual Set & Extras)

by B_Dawg


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2015-10-14 09:20:30 -0700

Replaces:hud.dat, hudcolor.dat, visualsettings.dat, timecyc.dat, hud.wtd, blips.wtd, loadingscreens.wtd, introcut.wtd, radio_hud_colored.wtd, pedpersonality.dat (optional gameplay change)

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:884

File Size:3.17 MB

Download Link:1451246350_the_ballad_of_straight_tony.rar

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Ever hated how pink TBOGT was? Puked at the sight of a pink morning sky and pink water reflections? You've made the right decision in improving your gameplay experience by downloading this mod! It changes the weather, colors, radar, hud, health and armor colors to be just like in IV, except for the mag ammo indicator which is the same color as your armor meter! All blips have been changed from pink to red, indicating negativity of each contact (TBOGT characters are AWFUL). For more info, check out the Readme file inside the mod package. Future to do list: Pause menu color changes, new loading screens, sparkles removal, etc... Enjoy. 27.12.2015 update - loading screens, radiocolor, introcut