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TDU2 Audi Showroom

by extrememodder


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Added:2015-03-12 04:45:51 -0700

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TDU2 Audi Showroom by ajay extrememodder191 PLEASE READ ALL DESCRIPTION George Boss Bronco Kopala He always cry and beg for VIP He is kid that will never grow-up He shared my WIP stuff everywhere even he uploaded my maps to without my permission as own author Thats i decided to upload my stuff here For no more VIP, piracy and Copyrights issues Its not FINAL version I am still working on it Because G.B.B uploaded link everywhere I decide to upload here beta version Dont rate bad as beta version Suggetions ideas welcome You can upload my stuff anywhere and make videos as soon as you copy all decscription in your link If you dont respect modders STOP playing games forever If you dont respect people you should go and die immidiately My mods are no VIP They are WIP VIP = WIP = beta testing by some friends only some mods not uploaded because either -some bugs -low poly -lack of LOD And people thoughts they VIP Hope you enjoy description and MOD also MOD details all instructions inside rar Dont be surprised if you found cars no Audi Random pics with random cars Change textures and its can be any showroom Source : TDU2 edit, rip, convert : Ajay extrememodder191 Pics : ajay191