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Taurus Weapons Pack [REALESED]

by Kadu


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2013-11-28 03:35:10 -0800


Historic Rating:8/10

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File Size:10.81 MB

Download Link:1385638509_armas_tauruspara_gtai_vv3.rar


INSTALATION: REPLACE THE FILES USING THE SPARK IV OR OPEN IV. CREDITS AND MORE: Weapons Created by OttoMods(PT-24/7,CT-40,MT-40,MT40"B",MT40"B",SMT40,SMT40"NB") and by "André Oliveira"(PT-100). This pack contains: CT-40 MT-40 MT-40 w Buttstock SMT40 SMT-40 w Buttstock PT-100 PT-24/7 PRO Convert and Edit CREDITS: CT40,SMT40/SMT40 buttstock, MT40/MT40 buttstock by Kadu.: Pistol-24/7 by Edsir98.: Pistol PT-100 by Richard R.: V1: BUGS V2: ADDED ICONS for MT 40, MT-40B, SMT40, SMT-40NB,PT-24/7. BUGS FIXED V3 (FINAL): ADDED NEW ICONS, ICON FOR CT-40. ADDED NEW WEAPON:TAURUS PT 100. W/ 2 PAINTJOBS AVALIABLE , TITANIUM AND BLACK . BLACK PAINTJOB MADE BY : KADU. *ALL ICONS MADE BY KADU* REVIEW LINKS: Special Thanks to Richard R. and Edsir98!