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Swapped Body

by Cwxrssr

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2014-04-09 08:25:25 -0700

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This mod will make you turn into someone else near you. Theres 2 version script in this mod. 1. swappedbody.cs is the script for turn into someone else nearest you without kill ped. Things just like your soul exchange to someone else then you have a new body and the ped have your body and they will attack you cause they angry things exchanged body. 2. swappedbodyandkill.cs is the script for turn into someone else on beside of ped with kill it. You must go to beside of ped to turn into his body and kill. Imagine there's an angel of death come depriving your old lives and ped lives then the ped is dead and you are get second life chance and lives with a new body like him. Please read readme.txt file for more info. Watch video here