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Super Car v2.0

by DiCanio & Brokenfish

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2004-08-13 13:12:28 -0700

Historic Rating:6/10

Historic Downloads:9,611

File Size:916 B



The VC Super Car Mod just got a whole lot better! As well as having all the cool vehicle benefits of the Super Car 1 Mod - Bullet-Fire-Dent-Explosion-Water-Spike-Proof (not forgetting Super Weight and Collision) - you can now lock/unlock your vehicle doors, flip back onto four wheels when you overturn and travel faster than a bullet with Super NOS. PLUS - your player now has Infinite Armour & Health, Infinite Run and you can respawn to land if you end up in the water. There is also a reset Wanted Level option and Super Weight no longer effects boats. What more could you possibly want for your Super Car?