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Street Race Track

by Carrythxd


Category:Map Mods

Added:2012-11-19 02:20:34 -0800

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After a little brake I finally desided to make a new object mod :) This time I made a race track from Broke/Dukes to Alderney, it goes thru every part of the city. Broker - Dukes - Alqonguin - Bohan - Alderney Also check the video coz the track can be a little confusing in some points. How to install: 1. Put the objects.ini file to your IV's or EFLC's main folder 2. Go ingame and open up your Trainer (I used V6.4 which is the newest: 3. Go to "Object Spawning" then go to "Load objects from objects.ini" 4. Wait for the objects to load 5. Now you've been teleported to the start point 6. Have fun :P