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Steed Mod

by Demarest

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Script Mods

Added:2004-07-09 13:43:04 -0700

Historic Rating:5/10

Historic Downloads:15,862

File Size:413 B



Simple little code mod, the main aim of which is to keep you on your bikes! If you're driving along on a bike and you're tossed off of it for any reason (except water), you are placed back on your life and your life and your bike's life are restored to what they were prior to the crash. One interesting side effect of this is that cops can't bust you while you're riding on a bike. Another effect of this mod is that pressing forward and aim while on foot will turn you into a PCJ600 riding Tommy already doing 20mph. So even if you're without a bike, make one! Known glitches include interiors and flipping completely upside down. Do NOT enter any buildings with the bike when using this mod. Instead, dismount, go inside, and make a bike as outlined above. Also, SOMETIMES when flipping sompletely upside down, you and your bike will be frozen in the same position. Pressing exit vehicle will release it from this pattern.