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Spyker C8 Aileron [Final]



Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2012-01-17 10:49:00 -0800


Historic Rating:8/10

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Download Link:1326993233_spyker_c8_aileron_v2.0f.rar

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It's Good to be back! Long time no see,i hope you guys still remember me. it really took me a long time to fix my crashed game.but finally, im here. i'm glad to introduce you the first mod i release after i rebooted my system.Spyker C8 Aileron!it's even better than the Spyder version. Good as always.we have HQ model details from Slyde which make this mod realistic.Well-tuned settings from outsid3r4. and of course,unique material settings from me. Apart from this, there is a list which shows that what are even better than the Spyder version: -- Remade normals map for rims -- New textures for reflection -- New textures & materials for lights and plastic -- Metallic decorations for light -- Alloy silver map for whole body shell -- Realistic interior -- Optimization for wtd file -- Set vertex color to make it possible for me to show different performance by using 1 same material. -- New chrome material -- One of the windows cannot be broken is fixed -- Much more looks like the real one (50% Matt 50% Reflection) No paint jobs :( [replaced them with alloy silver] --------------------------------------------------- -------------- Version 2.0 Final ---------------- --------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Spidereon's advices and outsid3r4 's tests. This car has much better details than before. (Sorry..arcencieshin..i didn't add euro plate to this car.) Updates: -- New Textures & Materials for mesh -- COLLISIONs are fixed -- Modeled plastic to make side windows can be broken properly -- Improved Dirt map quality (- -...Still looks like some kind of least i love it ) -- Foglights & LEDs are fixed -- Side indicators are fixed (Still a little weird.but it's better than nothing) -- Dirt map & COLs on silver parts -- New Suspension from FM3 -- L2 & more details in HQ Version(For hardcore gamers) -- Optimizations are made in Standard Version.(For Low-end gamers) -- Alpha textures are updated -- Remapped some details. ................ Final Version .................. ------------Time to Download!!!!!------------ Attention: it's final my vision.if you found any intolerable bugs.Tell me.i will update it again and again.