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Soviet VNIITE Taxi

by Chong McBong

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2015-02-11 16:58:11 -0800


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Download Link:1423704088_soviet_taxi1966by_chong_mc_bong1.4.rar

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Soviet "VNIITE" Taxi (1966) Version 1.4 Replaces the Cabbie (also includes a bonus "Moonbeam" people carrier version) Now includes more interior detail and damage/LOD models. (thanks to Eddie for the screwdriver) Includes a moving steering wheel and speedometer! (thanks to Izerli for the script) Fully SA-MP compatible! No fiddly handling lines - just add dff and txd (perfect for sa-mp or single player) VNIITE is an acronym for "USSR Research Institute of Industrial Design"