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Simple House Mod 1.0

by LamboFreak


Category:Map Mods

Added:2012-06-15 14:32:23 -0700


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DO NOT MODIFY THIS MOD OR POST IT ANYWHERE ELSE UNLESS GIVEN PERMISSION! ALSO GIVE CREDIT IF ANY OF MY MODS ARE USED! This is my first object mod that adds a small "house" near the airport. The object count is 88 to prevent lag, but I do NOT support online use of this mod. To get in the house you need to use SNT's "Go through door" function to get inside. INSTALLATION 1. Replace your objects.ini with this one. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Go to the location on the screenshot of the map. 2. Open your trainer and select "Object Spawning". 3. Select "Load objects from objects.ini". INTERIOR The house has a flat screen TV, a soda machine, an AK-47, a couch, pool table, a laptop (not pictured), a skylight, and a bed. However they cannot be used, but I hope someone could help me with that. CHANGELOG 1.0 (June 15, 2012): First release. I hope you guys like my first object mod. ------------------------------------------- Questions or requests? Comment or contact me: [email protected] ------------------------------------------- (C) 2012 LamboFreak -------------------------------------------