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Simple ENB for natural and realistic lighting

by Danvsw


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2013-04-03 21:08:33 -0700

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1464389030_simple_enb1.2by_danvsw.rar

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This is my custom settings, based originally on settings by Dpeasant3. To install, simply extract all files in the .rar to your main GTAIV folder and overwrite. IMPORTANT: Patch and xliveless are required. Any patch above is not properly compatible, unfortunately. If your game has film grain then the ENB is not working properly. Make sure your shaders are vanilla. Vanilla timecyc modifiers are included. Also, check out the different weathers if you want to compare with my screenshots, which were taken with these settings 100% unaltered. Every screenshot in this mod page is labeled with a specific weather in the screenshot's link. Most of the time, "Cloudy" weather is the most realistic. I recommend downloading Simple Trainer 6.5 to easily change weathers and time of day. NOTE: You have to rename "ScriptHook.dll - OLD PATCHES" to "ScriptHook.dll" (and use it instead of the other one) for the trainer to work in Road textures by DKT70: (drag "pc" folder to your main GTAIV folder and overwrite) If you need help or have any questions, feel free to message me on twitter: My videos: One Year Ago (overcast weathers): Friends and Enemies (all weathers + full mod list): Perturbator: Number one: More Screenshots: UPDATE 1: New timecyc. Small color changes to enbeffect.fx as well. Brighter night and day for most weathers, improved "Sunny" weather and added a new "Foggy" weather. Added new screenshots and recreated previous ones to reflect the changes, first screenshot is now "Sunny Windy" weather. UPDATE 2: Balanced brightness (mostly midday) and color tint, added new "Drizzle" and "Lightning" weathers. Corrected sky + water colors & exaggerated reflections during certain weathers and times of day. Lots of other subtle timecyc improvements.