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Secret Identity

by protossevolutio


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Added:2015-10-18 00:26:32 -0700


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This script allow you to change back and forth between your character and a ped skin (you can choose which one in the INI file). Using the main player skin (like Niko or any Player.Ped skin) as "the normal person" and a Super Hero skin as the Ped, it works like your secret identity. When you're the regular person, your character will be weak, but when you suit up, you get more health and armor. After changing "clothes", the switch become blocked for 30 seconds, so, measure your timing and strategy. Plus, when dressed as Vigilante, the police will chase you as long as you stays with your super hero costume (you can turn the wanted option off in the INI file). This script works great with Super Hero mods like Spider Man, Batman, Iron Man, etc (as long as the super hero skins are ped and not player ped)... Further instructions and information are in the Read Me in the package.