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Red Dead Redemption outfits and weapons pack

by ac.amir


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Added:2012-05-20 13:33:26 -0700


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Hello everyone "Red Dead Redemption outfits and weapons pack"by ac.amir After a month of hard work on Red Dead Redemption pack, I'm back with a new pack for Red Dead Redemption's fans and those that unable to experience this game like pc gamers.When I converted all Outfits of John Marston,I realized that this pack needs to weapons and i knew that no one does this for me So i did it.These weapons are not red dead original weapons but I found these weapons in different sites with a lot of problems.In the beginning i did not have Red Dead Redemption game and Worse than it was numbers of Videos that related to Red Dead Redemption weapons are less than three videos and videos qulity was poor. However, i've researched a lot about Red Dead Redemption weapons and i tried to make this weapons like Red Dead Redemption original weapons. Red Dead Redemption outfits: 1-John Marston (Default) 2-John Marston (Bollard Twins) 3-John Marston (Bandito) 4-John Marston (Elegant Suit) 5-John Marston (Gentleman's Attire) 6-John Marston (Rancher) 7-John Marston (Treasure Hunter) 8-John Marston (Walton's Gang) 9-John Marston (Deadly Assassin) facial animation works well in cutscenes. each model has special Accessories like guns,bandana,gun leather,Leather gun back,hats,Bandolier and ..........Some of which Added by me. Red Dead Redemption Weapons: Most weapons is available in Red Dead Redemption game but Some of the weapons in this pack is not available in Red Dead game like colt anaconda,trigun revolver,.... 1-Cattleman Revolver 2-Carano Rifle 3-Colt 1911(high power pistol)(has 5 versions) 4-Colt anaconda(has 2 versions) 5-Double-barreled Shotgun 6-Double Barreled Shotgun 2 7-Double_action Revolver 8-dynamite 9-Henry Repeater 10-Pump action Shotgun 11-Remington(has 2 versions) 12-Rolling Block Rifle 13-sawed off Shotgun(has 2 versions) 14-Semi-auto Shotgun 15-Scofield Revolver(has 2 versions) 16-Trigun Revolver 17-Mauser Pistol(has 2 versions) 18-Winchester Repeater(has 2 versions) I uploaded a preview video from all outfits and Weapons in two parts.i recommend you watching these videos.Also i uploaded Red dead Redemption original soundtrak,if you like this pack you can download it. see all screenshots and videos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- installing weapons: 1-Use openiv or sparkiv and replace wdr&wtd in weapons.img 2-open WeaponInfo and replace scripts lines for each weapon. 3- for some weapons you should Use openiv or sparkiv and replace wad in anim.img(for example Winchester Repeater,Henry Repeater,..) Grand theft Auto IV/PC/anim 4-use GTA-IVaud and replace sounds in WEAPONS.ivaud ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- outfits : each model has special Accessories and you can change or remove Accessories in clothes menu(special 1&2,teef,feet).also you can replace Accessories between all models. guns,bandana,gun leather,Leather gun back,hats,......................) remember you must replace all files particularly teef and feet files because some Accessories used in these files . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************** UPDATE: ******************************************************** i will add ped versions in every day.each ped version has special Accessories and you can change or remove Accessories in clothes menu like niko player model(special 1&2)