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Reality transformer

by Sharing (Golakmods)

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2013-09-22 08:35:21 -0700

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Reality transformer mod for gta sa by Sharing (Golak mod) ***************************** __________________________ What is Reality transformer? Reality transformer is a mod for gta sa that makes your game very realistic, from graphics and effects to cars and peoples. Three of the grates ability of this mod is that there is no ENB series! and the graphics of the game are much more better than ENB series and unlike ENB series there is no FPS drop! and it's very very smooth on Low End Pc. __________________________ (I Tested this mod for 5 hours in real time and fixed all bugs if you found any bugs please inform me by sending Email.) __________________________ If you have a question ask me with sending an Email. __________________________ If you want to use this mod in other projects ask for my permission first by sending me an email. __________________________ I highly recommend you to download these mods for more reality: - Gta Iv anims - HD roads - HD trees - HD palms Features: - Real camera view - Real shadows - Real moon (Like in IV) - Real vehicles light - Real water - Real lamps light - Real and live colours - Nature sounds (Like in Just cause 2 or Far cry 3) - Real Lens flare - Real monitor blur - Fixed Widescreen - Fixed Memory - Fixed and real draw distance - Real roads effect - Real wanted - Real train effects - Real and HD effects - Real Nights and days - Less traffic in country sides at night - Real traffics - Real Clouds - Real sky - Real weather - Smarter gangs - Real Building Effect - Real Buildings shadows - Smarter cops - ENB support - Some chopper on some buildings heli pad - Real cars handling - Real grass - Real vehicle Effect - HD load screens - HD fonts - Noise effect in rainy days - Screen wobble (Like in IV) - Real Reflections - and lot of more real things...