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Realism Series - Textures (fxprojtex.wtd & peddamage.wtd)

by ces


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2012-11-22 14:58:14 -0800

Replaces:fxprojtex.wtd peddamage.wtd bloodFx.dat

Historic Rating:7/10

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Realism Series - Textures (fxprojtex.wtd & peddamage.wtd) 11/22/2012 v1.0 Author: ces Important info: - To install this mod you could drop the files into your IV/EFLC folder or use SparkIV - Don't forget to back up your files About this mod: New realistic textures for blood, tire marks and bullet impacts. For increased realism I've removed the the blood mist and blood splatter effect, except vehicle impact blood splatters. Features: - Resized bullet hole textures to realistic scale - Removed blood mist effect to add realism - Removed blood splatter textures from firearm impact to add realism - New textures for bloody foot prints, blood pools and splatters - New textures for grass, dirt, blood and pavement tire marks - Resized bullet impacts to realistic scale Installation: fxprojtex.wtd - GTA IV/EFLC > pc > textures > fxprojtex.wtd peddamage.wtd - GTA IV/EFLC > pc > textures > peddamage.wtd bloodFx.dat - GTA IV/EFLC > common > data > effects > bloodFx.dat