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Rami Levi SuperMarket Israel

by DellKid

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Levy was born and raised in Jerusalem, a city worker father and a homemaker mother from Kurdistan. The way business began after he left the army in 1976, a small family shop up the street Mahane Yehuda market, shop once active grandfather. Audience observation of local customers, identified many private clients looking to purchase wholesale products for the food, but were rejected because there was no Slaskym ability to deal with retail. Levy chose to adopt a strategy of selling at very low prices to these customers, no profits. links with time created directly with suppliers, which allowed him to earn the gaps brokerage, enhancing the store area of ​​40 square meters to over 100 sqm and two years later began marketing also restaurants, hotels and other businesses. In 1981 opened another store in Ramot Alon area of ​​about 200 square meters, the store opened its first giant Levi in ​​Talpiot in 1992 and later expanded the activities in this format of the big discount stores. In 2011 the network included 23 supermarkets in Israel constituted about 7% market share. was the third largest network in the country. Jerusalem network took about 20% market share [1]. In 2007, Levy issued the subsidiary group, "Rami Levy Chain Stores up Marketing 2006 Ltd." Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv. Revenues for the same year amounted to more than $ -689 million in 2008 grew to approximately -945 million "H with net income of $ 50 million. And 2009 amounted to approximately NIS 1.35 billion with net income of $ 73 million. That same year the company sold 10 percent investment house "peaks". In 2010 there was a further increase in revenues to 1.7 billion.