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Raccoon Police Department Officers

by Jill Valentine


Category:Player Mods

Added:2015-05-10 15:48:48 -0700

Replaces:Regular Cops

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:4,307

File Size:8.51 MB

Download Link:1431298128_rpd_officers.rar


I've tested this but it wouldn't be mine if it was perfect so if there's any problems, please let me know. Also a few of the preview screenshots were taken using a newer computer with an enb so they may look a little different in your game. (You may be able to tell how they appear standard from some of the pictures which are older) This is a mod which replaces the LCPD beat cops (regular, fat, traffic and trooper) with ones from the RPD from Resident Evil, I meant to upload this a while back but my computer broke so here we are after GTA V's launch unfortunately but it's here never the less. The readme has the installation instructions for replacing certain animations and ped variences.