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Project X Graphical Mod For GTA SA

by X_Prince_X

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2012-04-22 19:08:28 -0700

Replaces:Your Old Enb series,Data and models folder

Historic Rating:7/10

Historic Downloads:5,094

File Size:14.08 MB

Download Link:1335146908_projectx.rar

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What's is this mod all about? *A Graphical Modification for Your Crappy Old GTA SA Graphics Which Changes Every aspect of the game graphics. Note: Not recommended for those who have low-pc's Mods/Details Inside of the pack: *San Andreas Ped shadows *Reflection SAGFX And ENB series Merged. *Improved Lightning *Fixed Color Correction *New Textures *Sa-MP Compatible Trailer/Preview : Sorry For lag that time I recorded that on my laptop :D but its the beta version now This is The Fixed Version Hope you will like it! Please Sub at my channel! It will help people to find my mod and to help to grow my channel! Thanks for downloading!