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Police mod for GTA SA PS2

by salathiel

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2016-03-09 17:33:43 -0800


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Hi, sorry for the english. This is a mod I made for pc and I adapted to run on ps2. With this mod you can become a police patrolman and can arrest people, drop nails, call for backup, making pursuits, etc. Furthermore you can change the camera and repair the car. Video: How to install: Keys: R2 - Repair. Up - Nails. Right - Arresting suspect. Down - Reinforcement. Left - Camera. Tutorial: First of all you need to get the car. (Must be the first thing to do). Go on the garage and the car will appear. Enter the station and stand in front of the closet then you will get your uniform. Ready. You can now patrol. Whenever a suspect appears it will have a red mark. If it is in a car, you can press the down arrow and the reinforcement will be requested. To arrest someone, aim until he is hand up. So stop aim and press the right arrow until he starts to run toward your car (if you press the right arrow and he did not move, press again). He will enter the back of the car, then you needs to go to the parking. After some time the inmate will complete his jail time and leaves the right of the cell and go to cell left. You can open the cell on the left if you stand in front of it, so the prisoner can leave. Please visit my blogger: and like the videos if you like. :)