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Norwegian Police XC70 Volvo

by norwegianviking


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-06-21 15:28:44 -0700


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Want more "Norwegian" police cars or other mods, visit my YT channel "Norwegianvikingart" i have allot cars there that haven't been uploaded here! I made the skin so the credits goes to me from there. but i DID NOT make the model! this skin is the new skin from norway. please leave a suggestion if you want to see another skin, if many sugest i will make ;) here's the original model,(with skin): CREDITS! Sking by NorwegianVikingArt(aka only NorwegianViking) Original model by Turn 10 Studios, converted and mapped by BritishPoliceMods. Standby M-båge by corleone. Standby BL60 by corleone. Whelen Vertex by corleone. Other equipment by corleone. Lightforce lights by Tim98. Garmin nuvi GPS by Bxbugs123. Antennas by PriMan. Handling by SwedishModding.