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New Yacht in TBoGT (object.ini)

by Sebe20


Category:Map Mods

Added:2011-01-05 10:32:00 -0800


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Download Link:1294252320_yacht_t_bo_gt.rar

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Description -----New Yacht Mod----- -by Sebe20- Installation: Put the objects.ini File into your GTA TBoGT Mainroot (where .exe and SNT exist) Start MP Game (It wont work after the Mission where you destroyed the Yacht) and load the Objects from objects.ini Now have fun! (Note: You need to make the white Door dynamic) This file has 51 Objects. If you spawn to much shit in the MP Game, the other cant see all objects. (Limit is 71/80 Objects) Feel free to change the Mod...