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New Alderney Sheriff's Office pack

by downcoldkiller


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2015-07-02 23:55:23 -0700


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Full credit list in the Readme.txt 2010 Charger: Federal Signal Vista w/ strobes. Havis Console w/ Toughbook CF-31 Whelen Cencom (lights up with headlight activation Radar for traffic and speeders enforcement 2008 CVPI: Federal Signal Vista w/ strobes Havis Console w/ Toughbook CF-31 Whelen Cencom Radar Window Barsarrow-10x10.png 2011 CVPI: Accurate interior w/ lite gauges and misc items Federal Signal Valor Brake light module in the rear Havis Console w/ Motorola radios Whelen Cencom Radar 2013 Tahoe: Federal Signal Valor Federal Signal Latitude Signalmaster in the rear Havis console w/ Toughbook CF-31 Whelen Cencom Tahoe Rear cabinets Vertex3d Equip Whelen TIR3 front lights 2015 Unmarked Charger Soundoff NForce Front facing and rear facing bar Soundoff NForce Ta Havis Console w/ Toughbook CF-31 and Motorola Radios IMPORTANT: Backup your files!!!! Anyone listed in the credits below is not responsible for damage to your or game. You MAY NOT reupload, edit, or claim this file or any file included in this pack. Cannot be used for clan use unless given permission! ELS Configs are included, USE them for best experience and performance of the vehicles and to take full advantage of the ELS 8.5 settings. More vehicles to come -2015 Tahoe K9- -2013 Charger- -2013 Ford Taurus- -Maybe Caprice and Explorer- PLEASE RATE and LEAVE FEED BACK! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I FORGOT ANYONE IN THE CREDITS SO THEY CAN BE ADDED AND ARE GIVEN CREDIT FOR THEIR WORK