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Mercedes-Benz Dealerships

by stab2mofos

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Building Mods

Added:2013-08-23 20:28:11 -0700

Replaces:carshowglass_sfsx.txd carshow_sfse.txd ottos_sfw.txd ottos2_sfw.txd

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Turns Ottos Autos And Wang Cars Into Mercedes Dealerships Wood floors Nice white buildings and mercedes logos. ottos autos also gets mercedes pictures on the walls wang cars gets paynspay and transfender renamed to mercedes buildings. the glass has a mercedes on it its transparent though. the glass railing inside has the star on it just replace the original files with the ones in the .rar using img tool 1,000+ Downboads Thank you guys so much hope you enjoy