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A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2010-06-05 12:22:17 -0700

Replaces:the whole game

Historic Rating:8/10

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LADIES AND GENTEL MEN, THE LONG AWAITED MEGAMYTH 2.0 HAS ARRIVED, BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER.......... -INTRODUCTION- I am so sorry that megamyth 1.0 has been removed from due to copyright issues, I have no idea why this happened, or who did this, but it was for the good....... since megamyth 2.0 is out! TAKE THAT! lol, well heres what the mod includes: 1-Bigfoot (shady creeks) 2-Serial killer (ghost town in desert) 3-Aliens (A51) 4-Mutant (in a train tunnel) 5-Zombies (san fierro) 6-Freddy kueguer (cabin in chilliad) 7-Lake monster (lake in top-left map) 8-The ring (toxic well in LS) 9-Skeletons (graveyard in LS) 10-Ghost cars (you can find them in shady creeks) 11-CJs mom ghost (in cjs house) 12-Devil (on desert ruins) 13-Tornado 14-Terminator (on import/export boat in sanfierro) 15-Call for backup AND CHEATS: -Tornado anywhere -Spawn armored car -Call for backup -UFO invasionaries -Cusom megamyth car -Teleport -Map of myths Read more about this at . Just because you downloaded this mod, I will give you two secrets: -Click 8 (the one on the top) to call for backup support -Click Ctrl+T to spawn a tornado, a real one in game! XD