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Mega Opening Bridge Mod v1

by samwich


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Added:2013-02-01 22:19:18 -0800

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Gta Mod-Z : Authors:Ace_Topspeed & Srshayan =============== Description =============== Srshayan here:after ace's been sick for a long time, i helped him with his disease and now he's fine and we made this bridge that is larger and has more crossing parts, two for boats, and one for TUG The first opening brige can lead a TUG in, but be carefull while crossing so you dont crash to the opening doors and the other two opening parts are only for boats As its placed on the path of some other boats, sometimes even the other boats (marquis and reefer)cross it The route is a little bit slippery and unsettled to drive so watch out and drive slow and specially in the rainy weather that some parts will get flooded This mod is completely compatible with quechus9's Lake and mountains Mod How to use is a bit complicated that you have to pay attention and dont make mistakes =============== Bugs =============== 1.You cant cross the bridge with a car,because it will open and your car will be dumped in the water 2.Same for niko, you can cross but you have to jump on to the otherside or else you will fall 3.The reefer boat tries to cross, but sometimes it crashes thorough the doors and blockes the bridge road 4.Watch the road while turning and slow down, because the road is a little unsettled to drive 5.In the rainy weather, some parts will get slightly flooded, you dont have to worry about it because its not too much but its a warning for you in high speeds =============== Installation =============== 1.Copy Objects10.ini in your game directory 2.Start the game and wait while it fully loads 3.Press F3 and go to the object spawning menu(on your trainer) 4.First ENABLE Dynamic Objects 5.Got to the more objects menu and select "Load all objects from Objects10.ini" 6.Then go back to the first objects menu and select "Edit Specific Object" 7.Then select object, number 23,24,25,27,56,57,58,59,110,111,112,113, and make all of these objects dynamic(its below the commands "move object, clone object,....,Make object Dynamic 8.Now have fun with it and cross a boat from its bridge, Remember, TUG can only cross The first Opening Part(right after a turn after the Start) ( This Aint My Mod I Am Just Hosting It )