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Mazda RX-7 v2.0

by monster875


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2010-11-01 07:54:10 -0700

Replaces:any 2 door car

Historic Rating:6/10

Historic Downloads:3,457

File Size:4.77 MB

Download Link:1288623250_mazda_rx7_v2.0.rar

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ink for topic: Updates in v2.0: Added 3D badges. Better carbon texture on spoiler Added EPM ability for headlights Better brake disc texture No more greenish color in interior Credits: Original author: EA Games Converted by: Monster875 Handling by: Killatomate 3D badges by: King George Texture editing by: Dr.Shock EPM by: Kotton and Threepwood Copyright: monster875 don't upload this mod on other websites without my permission. if u get permission, remember to write the author of the mod and the link to the thread