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Maple Valley Raceway

by stilldre


Category:Map Mods

Added:2012-02-24 11:40:53 -0800

Replaces:Place at the old casino in Jersey, LC ( near hidden SultanRS spot )

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Hi, it's me back from M.I.A. with something different this time than my own created maps. It's my second favorite circuit on FM to drift after Fujimi Kaido, unfourtnley didn't find the model of it but it's being an good exercise to teach myself modeling and its something that will fit in LC. Circuit was meant to be looked by car/race perspective, that one i've changed to an island and rebuild tribunes, fences and river. Also for more fun i've made a dirt track and bayside to make it more lively. Map mod is compatible with: GTA IV 1.7 & EFLC 1.2