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LShift Sprint Fix

by luluco250


Category:Script Mods

Added:2016-01-28 21:52:22 -0800

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This is a small mod I've made to fix a bug of GTA IV where the left shift key would always make the character sprint while holding it, instead of normal running. With this mod installed left shift will act like if sprint was bound to any other key and as such it'll act like this: Holding = Running Pressing Repeatedly = Sprinting As an added feature, I've made it so if CapsLock is activated the character will always sprint while left shift is being held, like in vanilla, for use when you have to run a lot and can't keep pressing shift with your pinky finger. Should work with although only tested on, feedback is welcome. As with every other .net mod, you need GTA IV .net Scripthook (google it) as well as an ASI loader. After installing it you can place the mod inside a "scripts" folder in your GTAIV folder. The pic I've uploaded is a joke from a glitch that happened while developing this mod.