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Liberty State BIG MAP arround LC



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Added:2016-05-20 01:49:02 -0700


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Liberty State mod demonstrational/early alpha version for GTA IV this is realy big map all arround lc BY GTARandom retextured by GTAEU-MODS this map can be very good for any gta 4 online modding. IMPORTANT! Make sure to backup your gta.dat and images.txt files before doing the next step mentioned below! To install it, just extract the files from this archive into the root of your GTA IV installation folder. Note about this release version: The map included in this version is quite faulty and full of various glitches such as missing collisions for everything but the terrain surface(terrain collision itself is a bit faulty/glitchy!), there are holes in the ground, the beach may display in wrong colours during daytime(only if using ENB, i guess because i haven't tested the map without it), there are some shore bugs where the ground is raised above sealevel which creates a hole bettween sea level and the terrain surface in some areas... there is also a chance that the game will crash while playing in Liberty City area(not fully sure about this, but that's what happened in my game). There are probably even more glitches that i didn't mention here, but hey, i DID say that i'll re-do the map properly from scratch! This is just a small release to keep you guys preoccuppied while i work on the proper, more detailed map and with way less glitches! I hope you have some fun with this map, GTARandom