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Liberty City Customs V1.2

by XxproxXgammer


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-02-15 10:22:22 -0800

Replaces:Nothing or last version

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Download Link:1424024542_liberty_city_customs_v1.2.rar

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--Installation-- You need .Net scripthook and asi loader to run this script . Just simply put all content from LibertyCityCustomsV1.2.rar in scripts folder. --Info-- Keys are on .ini file and you can change them yourself as you like. If you mess up the ini file just simply delete it and script will automatically create new one when you reload game. --What's new?-- V1.2: New look of menu New kind of color select Neons feature!!! - Enable/disable, change color Option to move the menu Option to enable/disable garage lighting and change its range/intensity/color Changed to LibertyCityCustoms from LosSantosCustoms Features: *Respray Primary color Specular color Featured color Featured2 color *Brakes Slow Fast Fastest *Defense Full bullet proof *Neons Enable/disable Color *Extras *Wash *Options Change menu position Garage lighting Color Range Intensity Enable/disable *You can change evry key script uses Tanks to: LetsPlayOrDy - ideas, code help