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Lexus IS-F v2.0

by N.I.K.E


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2010-06-24 23:11:37 -0700


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Changes: Kachevstvenny-winged beauty of TDU -Pererabotanny taillights Features auto: -Convenient camera while driving -Detalezirovanny Salon -All working parts car The correct dirt, superposed -Break all the glass -Tinting the inside is not for a comfortable ride from the passenger compartment Auto moving to discharge and form. Tuning is present in the form eekstr (bumpers, side moldings, hood and spoiler) -Right wheels with a broken tire Auto-exposed to fire and hit all the standard Niko-hand on the wheel -Out can kill all who sit inside -Properly functioning lights , Properly configured handling (auto accelerates for 04.08 seconds 0-100 in reality) and vehicles (cars do not travel without the bumper, hood and moldings)