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LEO33's GTA San Andreas CLEO A.I.O Mods v1.0

by LEO33

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2010-05-15 11:02:48 -0700

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Here are included some nice CLEO mods for GTA San Andreas. Real authors: RnBoy15, Skorpro, HolyGhost, Ohnoo, Ryosuke, Ryan101, Jo2dev, Gta Fishhead, Glenstorm, Matanyehoshua1, ATP, Dutchy3010, Drakic, Thekoks, DEVAN_LT, Orto Dogge, and ZAZ. FEATURES Press TAB + 1 to call Sweet to help you. Press TAB + 2 to call Cesar to help you. Press TAB + 3 to call Woozie to help you. Press TAB + 4 to call Madd Dogg to help you. Press TAB + 6 to call your Grove Street homies to help you. All these friends have more health and better skills with weapons. Type AIRS to call air support to help you. Press TAB to show the model menu. Press SPACE to choose the model. Press FIRE while holding the camera, choose your location and release the button to call the air support. The taget should become red to succesully come the air support. CJ can call in a Leviathan Sky Crane to transport the vehicle he's currently in to any destination, marked by target co-ordinates. The cost of transport is 5000 $. Press Shift + H to call the cargo transport company. They will send a Sky Crane to your location within the next 15 seconds. If you wish to cancel your order, press Shift + H before the Sky Crane appears to cancel your order. In this case, no money is deducted. Once the Leviathan appears and maneuvers its magnet winch near your car (in most cases, right on top), wait for it to lock to your car (You may adjust the position of your car for this). Once it is locked, honk your horn to tell the driver to begin transport. You may ask the driver to drop your car mid-flight by pressing CAPSLOCK. You can change destinations mid-flight by changing the target co-ordinates and pressing Shift + H while being transported. Extra 2000 $ per change. Once the driver reaches the destination, he will drop your car on the ground and fly away. Your car is god-modded during the time of flight (after flight, it returns to normal), so you don't have to worry about damages incurred during flight. Press CTRL + G To Call Emmet in a van. He will bring a homie with him. You can buy guns, armor and many others from the homie. He is also marked on the radar when called. Press CTRL + P and a pizzaboy will bring you a hot, spicy pizza. It's only 12 $. They will not bring pizza to you if you are not in the main cities. Press NUM2 + NUM4 to sit down. Press NUM2 + NUM7 to smoke. Press NUM2 + NUM8 to drink. Press NUM2 + NUM9 to puke. Press NUM2 + NUM6 to pee. If CJ has a bottle, he goes forward by drunkwalk If CJ has a bottle, press FIRE to throw bottle If CJ has a cigar, he goes forward by gangwalk Recruited gang members imitate the animations of you and they go with you into interiors. From Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher, several of the missile types are able to shoot. Press C to switch missile type. While you aim Javelin, press X to switch field of view, and press Z to toggle night vision. Press CTRL + S to spawn a submarine while you are in sea. Press FIRE to launch missiles on the air. Notice that the missile will go in the direction you are looking. For example, if you move the camera with your mouse in the left, the missile will be launched in the left of submarine. Press TAB to launch direct missiles. Press DOWN while you are driving the submarine to get under the sea. When you want to cross the Golden Gate in San Fierro you need to stop at the paying spot for 4 seconds to pay 200 $, otherwise you will get 2 stars wanted level. Now you can open the bunker gate and the airlock at AREA 69. Behind the crackfactory gate in San Fierro you will find special police cars. You must wear police uniforms to enter the gates. Notice that you still will get 5 stars wanted level when you enter AREA 69. You have a new safehouse in the east of Bayside in San Fierro. It is a kind of beachclub. Also there are parked some private boats and cars. Now you can see air traffic in the skies of cities, mostly in the national airports. You will see airplanes taking off and landing. New vehicle spawns are added around the dock at the south of Las Venturas. There are included mostly bikes and air vehicles, and less boats and cars. Now CJ has his own base, located in Las Venturas. The base has many beautiful cars in parking, a Hydra and a Hunter is always available there and there are many guards to protect your base. Also you can save the game there. One of your gang members protect your main assets. One is located in front of CJ's house, one at Verdant Meadows airport and one at your Doherty garage. They are very strong and if they are killed, the will be spawned immediately. They can also be recruited by you. Now you can buy meals while you are in a car at Cluckin Bell near the CJ house in Ganton, LS. Just go in the red marker behind the restaurant to order. If you have homies in your car, you must also order for them too. There are parked unique vehicles from the main mission around San Andreas. Here is the list of them: 1. Black Perennial - from "Big Smoke" mission. This car is now parked in Los Sepulcros, and has a black colour with black roof. 2. Mesa with dark green roof - from "Robbing Uncle Sam". This Mesa has a unique roof colour, and is now parked on Ocean Docks. 3. Khaki Brown Camper - from "Jizzy". This vehicle is now parked under San Fierro's highway in Foster Valley, and it has an unique brown colour on it. 4. Chrome Yellow Burrito - from "Mike Toreno". This vehicle has an unique colour on it, and is now parked on San Fierro's Airport, near some of its vehicles. 5. Black Stretch - from "Ice Cold Killa". This Stretch has an unique black bottom, unlike others' white one. It's also completely black, like in the mission. 6. Green Pizzaboy - from "Ice Cold Killa". This bike has an unique green color, but it's box and one part is still red, but it looks exactly like the one in this mission. 7. Light Green Packer - from "Cop Wheels". This vehicle has an unique colour, and is parked near Woozie's Casino in Las Venturas, and it also has an unique licence plate. 8. Red and Black BF Injection - from "Cut Throat Business". This vehicle is now parked near Madd Dogg's mansion, and has an unique colour. 9. Cesar's Savanna - This car is now parked at Cesar's home in Verdant Bluffs, and has an unique licence plate 'LVA4L'. 10. Smoke's Glendale - This car is parked in Idlewood, and has an unique licence plate. 11. Jizzy's Broadway - This vehicle has an unique licence plate "Ho 2 Ho", and is parked at his fortress. 12. SWAT Tank (S.W.A.T.) - from "End of the line". This tank has a water spray, like Fire Truck, and is now parked in LSPD Impound. 13. FBI Truck - This vehicle is unused in game, it looks similar to the SWAT Tank, and it can do Vigilante missions. Now it's parked in SFPD Impound. 14. The Mothership (beta) - This is the Truth's Camper. For now, it doesn't have an unique paintjob, but it has an unique licence plate "OUTTHERE", has a white colour, and is parked at Truth's ranch in Whetstone. Now you can enter the trams in San Fierro. You are not able to control the trams directly. They also stop in some place. You will see some passengers inside the trams too. You can rent cars in San Fierro. Go inside Wang Cars and talk to the manager. Then you have to chose for a car. You have to pay a bill and a deposit. How much you will get from your deposit when you return the car, depends on how much the car is damaged. Of course you don't have to bring back the car, but then you will lose your deposit. Now, after completing Ryder's missions, Emmet's place will spawn a one more AK47. You will be unable to delete the gun spawner after you save your game. Four Dragons Casino and Madd Dogg's Crib will give you money, maximum 10.000 $. You will be unable to delete the gun spawner after you save your game. Patrol of 15 soldiers now guard Easter Basin in San Fierro, so be careful when you enter there. Car Saloon has been added in Ottos Autohouse in north of San Fierro. You will see there a car presentation on a turn table. You can choose to buy a vehicle there. There are three features to choose before you want to buy the vehicle: 1. Tuning. 2. Open Doors and view details and a free movable camera. 3. Testdrive. A NRG-500 bike is spawned there and you can also save you game there. We thank very much these script makers for releasing them.